Mental health well-being services are critical

Mental health can be complex and not easily solved. People are looking for mental health support from their employers. Today, it is not uncommon to see employee assistance programs or mental health services promoted as an employee benefit.

1 in 5 adults

in the U.S. had a mental health condition before the pandemic.1

40% of adults

in the U.S. reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse in June 2020.2

Nearly 90% of employers

surveyed indicated that the pandemic affected the behavioral health or productivity of their employees.3

How companies can help

Employers can support their employees in a holistic way and have a powerful impact on their businesses and the broader community. An example is an employee assistance program (EAP) that provides short-term assistance and resource support from work life specialists. These specialists help with a full range of personal, family and work life concerns.

Administration and funding for mental health services may be difficult for some employers. Many supplemental insurance plans recognize the importance of this type of service and may make them available as part of their value-added services.

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Limited Benefit Medical Plans underwritten by AXIS Insurance Company do not provide coverage for mental health services.

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